Monday, August 3, 2015

The Journey Home gets a facelift!


I'm starting off this month long celebration with a BRAND NEW COVER, SALE and GIVEAWAY for The Journey Home!!!

The Journey Home has a new look! I've been SO EXCITED to show y'all this cover and it's been killing me keeping it under wraps but it's the day!

ALSO...The Journey Home is currently on sale for .99 for one week ONLY! If you haven't read this STAND ALONE book is the time to grab it!

AND I'M NOT DONE! Head on over to my Facebook author page for a chance to win a signed paperback of The Journey Home!


Fate has a way of stepping in and righting itself when we least expect it.

Maddison Powers has been regretting the biggest mistake of her life when she walked away from the only man who has ever sparked something deep inside her. After comparing every guy she dates to Cale Blackwood, she finally gives up all hope of ever finding him.

One dare by Maddison throws Cale back into her life...and into the arms of her best friend.

Cale Blackwood thought he had found the woman of his dreams, until she walked away from him one night and didn't look back. Attempting to find love again, Cale finds himself in a relationship built on one lie after another. Forced to take on the biggest challenge of his life, Cale must seek help from the woman who walked away from him and broke his heart.

Sometimes it takes more than one journey in life to truly be home.

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I'm not sure why Barnes and Noble has not dropped the price yet! I will email them first thing Monday morning!!!