Thursday, July 23, 2015

Journey of Love series LIVE CHAT

So my BFF Kristin Mayer told me about this new app she is using to do some really cool stuff with her readers! Since I've gotten a number of folks asking if I'm going to do a Q&A on the Journey of Love series and Unforgettable Love, I thought I would try this app out. It will be a live video feed and y'all will type in your questions to me and I'll answer them ! Pretty cool huh? 
It's simple to get the's called `~~~~~ Periscope. 
My name on it is the same as my Twitter account. @author_kelly 
The chat will be this Saturday July 25th at 10:00am CENTRAL time!!!
It's FREE and super easy to sign up! I'm planning on using it for a future read a long and some other fun stuff as well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Good morning y'all! I guess I should start off with announcing a signing I'm going to be attending next year! Pretty jazzed about this one since I haven't been to a signing in this area of the country before! 

Who is going to come see me at the Scripted Social Author Event on June 25 in Des Moines, IA?!?!?!?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Surprise Cover Reveal for Finding You


I accidentally posted the cover to FINDING YOU when I was putting it up for pre order.....SO....instead of having the cover reveal at the end of the month.... we are going to do an excerpt reveal with a giveaway to kick off our "Christmas in August" month. is the cover and the pre -order links for Amazon and iBooks. Barnes and Noble should be up in the next couple days! 

iBooks -

Amazon -

Monday, July 13, 2015

SURPRISE! Early release of Unforgettable Love


UNFORGETTABLE LOVE (Book 3 and the final book in the Journey of Love series)

iBooks link ---->

Amazon link ----->

Barnes and Noble link ----->

How about a little peak into the book!

Sierra's POV

Pulling my phone out of my purse, I sent Kacey a text message.
Me: Did you deliver his gift?
Kacey: I’m about to. You’re going to hell. You do know that right?
Giggling, I hugged myself and actually started skipping to my car.
Me: Hey, I paid top dollar for that bitch.
Kacey: You’re heart is pure evil. How are you a nurse?
Me: That’s why I work with babies and women who like to scream at their husbands. It fulfills me in more ways than I care to say.
Starting my car, I headed to the restaurant. Rolling the windows down, I began singing along to Gloriana’s “Trouble” as the wind wiped my blonde ponytail around. My phone beeped and my car read my text from Kacey.
Kacey : It’s done.
Throwing my head back, I laughed my ass off and began counting.
It took less than two minutes before my phone was ringing.
Rolling the windows up and turning down my jam, I answered with a chipper voice.
“What the fuck, Sierra!”
Holding my laugh in, I said, “Hey there, Dodge. How’s your
birthday going? Getting ready for your hot date tonight?” “What? Never mind all of that. A puppy? Why the fuck did
some girl named Kacey just drop off a puppy?”
Covering my mouth with my hand, I held in my laughter.
“You don’t like her, Dodge? Who doesn’t like puppies?”
I heard something slam and Dodge began cursing words I’d
never heard before.
“Me! Single guys who work eighty-hour weeks! Guys who
are never home and live in a house that just got all new wood floors!”
Covering my mouth again, I started laughing.
“I mean she’s cute and all . . . Sierra, what were you think- ing? No wait, I take that back. You weren’t thinking at all, like you always do.”
“Excuse me?” I said as I pulled my car into the parking lot
and put it in park. “I don’t think? I. Don’t. Think? I think all the time, dickhead. My mind is spinning because I think all the time. I’m like the queen of thinking. I think everything through before I do it. Like for instance, the lingerie I just bought. I thought long and hard before deciding I needed it. Even though I have no one to wear it for . . . I bought it anyway. You never know when I might meet a hot guy at a bar and bring him home to my house for a good . . . hard . . . fucking.”
Followed by more silence.
Pressing my lips together, I fought to hold in my laughter. “I hate you,” Dodge whispered as the line went dead.
Dropping my head back, I laughed my ass off. Right about that time, my text message beeped. Reaching for my phone, I pulled up my messages. I had a picture from Kacey.
Oh. My. God. I was going to buy her the best wedding present ever!
Blowing up the picture, I studied Dodge’s surprised face as he held up the twelve-week-old Golden Retriever puppy. Fist pumping, I jumped out of the car and did a victory dance.

Copyright 2015 Kelly Elliott

Saturday, July 11, 2015


******FREE FREE FREE!!!!!*****

Did you know the first book in the WANTED series is FREE!?!?!? Yep.


NEW!!! Text Message alerts for new releases!

Would you like to receive a text message on the day of releases? 

Sign up through the link below!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hawaii Post Card Sign Up!


I'll be headed to Hawaii in a few weeks and thought it might be fun to send five random readers a post card (and maybe a little something more) while I'm in Hawaii! If you would like to participate in the fun just fill out the form listed below. The form will be taken down July 26th! 

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015



Have you signed up for it?!?!?

Ohhhhh this one is soooooo different than anything I've done before! I LOVE IT!!!!!