Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My next signing!

So in a few weeks I'll be in Philly!!! Who's gonna come hang out with us?!!?!?!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Cover Reveal for Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Releasing June 24, 2014

Photographer - Shannon Cain -

Cover design by Angie Fields with


*****TEASER TIME*****

A Forever Love (prequel to Wanted) Releasing May 6, 2014

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Emma's POV Subject to change prior to publishing!!!

“Em, don’t move. Stay perfectly still. Can you stay perfectly still?” Garrett whispered.
I swallowed hard and nodded my head.
He very carefully removed his hand from my mouth. “Don’t make a sound.”
I opened my mouth, and he looked at me.
“If it’s my father…run!” I whispered.
Garrett looked at me, confused at first, and then he must have understood what I’d meant.
He rolled his eyes and smiled. “No, it’s not that, but I do need you to be calm. Okay?”
“Calm. I can do calm,” I said with a wink.
When I felt him against me, I immediately began grinding myself against him.
He peeked down and raised one eyebrow. “Em, this is serious.”
I pouted. “What could be more important than you taking me against the tree?”
Garrett’s eyes darted over my head and then back at me. “The rattlesnake near us is kind of taking top priority right now.”
I smiled, but then it hit me. Did he say…rattlesnake?
“What did you say?” I said a little louder.
He held his finger up to his mouth. “Baby, I need you to very slowly start getting up after I get off of you, okay? Don’t make any sudden movements or loud sounds, or the snake will—”
Oh. My. God. He did say rattlesnake!
I pushed him as hard as I could, somehow managing to throw him onto his back, while I let out the loudest scream humanly possible. I was pretty sure my arms where flailing about as I jumped over Garrett before making my way to the car. I jumped into the backseat, and for some reason, I was still screaming. I watched as the snake took off in the other direction. Garrett got up and quickly wrapped the quilt around him. He turned and just looked at me. I let out another scream and then another, but each one got quieter and quieter.
He shook his head as he walked over to the car and opened the door. “Damn, woman, you left me out to burn.”

A Forever Love copyright 2014 Kelly Elliott

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Release party for A Forever Love!!

So the online release party for A Forever Love will be a sock hop themed party! OMG! So many neat ideas were formed this morning! SO MANY! EEEPPP! I can't wait to share!

The release party will be held on my author page on Facebook on May 6, 2014. I will post more information on that as we get closer.

The live release party for A Forever Love will be held in Charleston South Carolina on May 10th. We will be taking a dinner cruise on a paddle boat and I can't wait!! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Charleston!

There will also be an online auction May 9, 2014! All proceeds will go to Fragile X. We have some pretty cool items up for auction. A basket FILLED with signed books from some pretty damn amazing authors! The entire paperback series of Wanted signed by both me and Gary!!! Gary is also doing another little surprise for me to auction off (no it is not a dinner with him...hmmm...although.....) There will be a bakeware basket, a Gunner "romance kit", A Texas garden basket, A Wanted quilt with all the covers on the quilt and signed by me, A Wine/goblet basket, Jewelry, plus a lot more items!!! Super excited about closing up the Wanted series and helping out Fragile X at the same time! I'll post more details as we get closer!