*Where can I find you? My Author page on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/KellyElliottAuthor
My Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/kelly.k.elliott
Twitter - @author_kelly
*Which book comes first? Wanted…published in November of 2012. Saved is second, published spring 2013 and Faithful is third book. Published on August 20, 2013. The fourth book, Cherished will be out winter 2013
*Are the books based off my life? No…This is a fiction book! Each character is made up purely from my imagination. I do use bits and pieces of my life in the book as well as my hubby and my friend Gary.
*How did you and Gary meet? Facebook. I saw a picture of him after I had written Wanted and said “EEEPPP! That’s my Gunner!” I messaged him…we chatted about the book and the more we became friends the more it was clear he truly was “my Gunner”. 
*Is Ellie you? No…I used the name Ellie because I had just gone and got my hair cut and the girl who cuts my hair is named Elly. I changed the “y” to an “ie” and the rest is history! If anything Ari is mostly based off of me…but there is a little bit my personality in Ari, Ellie, and Heather.
*Is Ari in the book based off your friend Ari in real life? No…I originally had Ari’s name Courtney  Mandy (Courtney was mistakenly put in)…Ari mentioned never seeing her name in a book so I said I would use it.
*Is Gunner totally based off Gary Taylor? No…I’ve used bits and pieces of Gary for Gunner. Gary and I had not yet met when I started writing Wanted.
*Will there be more books after Faithful? Yes! Cherished…Scott and Jessie’s story will be released January 2014, then I’m writing a Novella about the boys in college and the last book will be a prequel, Grams and Gramps story.
*Is Broken a part of the Wanted series? No. It is all new series and will only have two books in it.
*Is Broken about Gary and Tiffany? No…they only did the cover for the book for me. This book is totally written from my imagination and is not based off of anyone I know.
*Who is your muse for Broken? Don’t have one…all in my head y’all! All in my head :-)
*What other models have you used for muses? None...I don't use muses for my books with the exception of Gary in the Wanted series and like I said, I use bits and pieces of him.
Are you writing other books? Yes…I just finished a short story for an anthology of short stories to help against bullying. The title is Stories for Amanda and was published this October. Believe, a novella in Brad and Amanda's POV (from Wanted) will be released December 24, 2013. Broken Dreams will be out spring 2014 and Unconditional Love will be out summer 2014. Forever Love (grams and gramps story will be out spring/summer 2014)I have about five other ideas for future books as well.
*Do you have a website? Yes. Right now it is just my blog. www.authorkellyelliott.blogspot.com
*What is your email and mailing address? Authorkellyelliott@gmail.com
                PO Box 3022
                Wimberley Texas 78676

*Why can’t I pre order your books? I’m self published and am not given that option. I wish I could…believe me!
*Are you books on audio? YES! Wanted and Saved are both out now on Tantors website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Audible. The link below is for the audio home page on Tantor. http://www.tantor.com/AuthorDetail.asp?Author=Elliot_K
*Did you pick the narrators for the audio books?  No I didn't. I have no control over that. The publisher, Tantor picked the narrators.
*Why aren’t your books in Barnes and Noble, Target, etc? I’m self published but maybe one day they will be there!
*Are you books going to made into a movie? That would be a dream come true! I don’t have any control over that…wish I did! HA!
*Will you read what I’m writing and give me your thoughts? I wish I could read what everyone sends but I make it a rule to not read anyone’s work in progress. The main reason being, I’m so busy writing my own book that I can hardly find time to read any books for pleasure. ;-)  
*Will Gary Taylor be at all your signings? No. I will post on my blog which signings he will attend with me.

*Do you sell your books off your blog and sign them? I use to but it was just way to time consuming and I think my CPA might just not talk to me anymore. I am MORE THAN HAPPY to sign books though if you want to send them to me with a return paid postage. I posted my PO Box above.
*Will you tell me how to start a book? Where do I begin? I wish I could but it's not really that easy for me to tell you how to write a book. I will say you need to have an idea in your head and be passionate about writing. Don't do for the wrong reasons, do it because you love it and the words will come straight from your heart and soul. I don't have a set plan when I write. I just sit down and write.