Thursday, July 23, 2015

Journey of Love series LIVE CHAT

So my BFF Kristin Mayer told me about this new app she is using to do some really cool stuff with her readers! Since I've gotten a number of folks asking if I'm going to do a Q&A on the Journey of Love series and Unforgettable Love, I thought I would try this app out. It will be a live video feed and y'all will type in your questions to me and I'll answer them ! Pretty cool huh? 
It's simple to get the's called `~~~~~ Periscope. 
My name on it is the same as my Twitter account. @author_kelly 
The chat will be this Saturday July 25th at 10:00am CENTRAL time!!!
It's FREE and super easy to sign up! I'm planning on using it for a future read a long and some other fun stuff as well!