Monday, July 13, 2015

SURPRISE! Early release of Unforgettable Love


UNFORGETTABLE LOVE (Book 3 and the final book in the Journey of Love series)

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How about a little peak into the book!

Sierra's POV

Pulling my phone out of my purse, I sent Kacey a text message.
Me: Did you deliver his gift?
Kacey: I’m about to. You’re going to hell. You do know that right?
Giggling, I hugged myself and actually started skipping to my car.
Me: Hey, I paid top dollar for that bitch.
Kacey: You’re heart is pure evil. How are you a nurse?
Me: That’s why I work with babies and women who like to scream at their husbands. It fulfills me in more ways than I care to say.
Starting my car, I headed to the restaurant. Rolling the windows down, I began singing along to Gloriana’s “Trouble” as the wind wiped my blonde ponytail around. My phone beeped and my car read my text from Kacey.
Kacey : It’s done.
Throwing my head back, I laughed my ass off and began counting.
It took less than two minutes before my phone was ringing.
Rolling the windows up and turning down my jam, I answered with a chipper voice.
“What the fuck, Sierra!”
Holding my laugh in, I said, “Hey there, Dodge. How’s your
birthday going? Getting ready for your hot date tonight?” “What? Never mind all of that. A puppy? Why the fuck did
some girl named Kacey just drop off a puppy?”
Covering my mouth with my hand, I held in my laughter.
“You don’t like her, Dodge? Who doesn’t like puppies?”
I heard something slam and Dodge began cursing words I’d
never heard before.
“Me! Single guys who work eighty-hour weeks! Guys who
are never home and live in a house that just got all new wood floors!”
Covering my mouth again, I started laughing.
“I mean she’s cute and all . . . Sierra, what were you think- ing? No wait, I take that back. You weren’t thinking at all, like you always do.”
“Excuse me?” I said as I pulled my car into the parking lot
and put it in park. “I don’t think? I. Don’t. Think? I think all the time, dickhead. My mind is spinning because I think all the time. I’m like the queen of thinking. I think everything through before I do it. Like for instance, the lingerie I just bought. I thought long and hard before deciding I needed it. Even though I have no one to wear it for . . . I bought it anyway. You never know when I might meet a hot guy at a bar and bring him home to my house for a good . . . hard . . . fucking.”
Followed by more silence.
Pressing my lips together, I fought to hold in my laughter. “I hate you,” Dodge whispered as the line went dead.
Dropping my head back, I laughed my ass off. Right about that time, my text message beeped. Reaching for my phone, I pulled up my messages. I had a picture from Kacey.
Oh. My. God. I was going to buy her the best wedding present ever!
Blowing up the picture, I studied Dodge’s surprised face as he held up the twelve-week-old Golden Retriever puppy. Fist pumping, I jumped out of the car and did a victory dance.

Copyright 2015 Kelly Elliott