Friday, August 21, 2015



I'm so excited to announce that I'm writing a new two book series!! The series follows two NASCAR drivers with book one being Emmit Lewis and Adeline Morgan's book. Book two is Malcolm Wallace Paislie Pruitt's book! 

I'm also excited to reveal BOTH covers to y'all at once! We had a blast doing this photo shoot at Texas Motor Speedway!! A HUGE shout out to them for making us feel at home the entire day! 

Photographer - Shannon Cain Photography

Cover designer - Lisa Jay Design 

Big thank you to Tony Adams and Gary Taylor for helping out on this project and being on the covers! 


Ignite Book One - Releases November 17th. Exclusive Pre order on iBooks for a limited time!!!

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Synopsis - 
There were two things Emmit Lewis loved. 

Racing cars and Adaline Morgan. 

Time was stolen from the two young lovers and Emmit vowed never again would he allow anything to come between the two of them. 

Blurred lines both on and off the track have Emmit being tested beyond his limits. Will he reach the checkered flag and ignite Adaline’s heart, or will he be black-flagged and lose everything he has ever dreamed of?

Adrenaline Book Tow - Release date March 2016 No pre orders at this time!

Synopsis - 
Malcolm Wallace lived for the adrenaline rush. If he wasn’t living life on the edge, he wasn’t living. He had no time for relationships, let alone love. 

When one event changes Malcolm’s entire future, he must turn to the one person who makes him doubt his entire philosophy on life. 

Paislie Pruitt. 

She’s beautiful. 

She’s strong. 

She’s the one rush Malcolm never saw coming.  

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