Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How about a teaser from Broken y'all?

Please remember this has NOT been edited and is subjected to change!!!

Layton's POV

“I’ve never in my life been so happy as I am in this very moment, Layton. I…I…” She closed her eyes and then opened them again. “I never thought I deserved this kind of love,”
“Whitley…” I said as she held her hand up to my lips.
“I never thought I deserved this kind of love because the love that I thought I knew…it wasn’t love at all. You’ve taught me what love is, Layton. True honest to God love. I’ll love you forever.”
I reached down and took her lips with mine. I wanted nothing more than to pick her up and make love to her.
“God…I want to make love to you so damn bad baby.”
She smiled as she looked down towards the blanket and then back up at me.
“As romantic at that would be…you would be in so much pain,” She said with a giggle. “Let’s go home and I’m sure we can come up with another plan.”

Broken 2013 Kelly Elliott