Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So how about another teaser? From Cherished!

HIS HAS NOT BEEN EDITED! And is subject to change before publishing.

“Is Brad and Amanda still planning on coming out?” Heather asked Josh while Ari grabbed Luke and gave him a tickle attack.
“Nope. Amanda wasn’t feeling good and Maegan has strep throat.” Josh said as everyone let out a gasp. We all looked at each other and laughed.
“Jesus H. Christ look at us.” Ari said as she looked around. Everyone took a good look around and then looked back at Ari.
“We’re old. I mean we act old…it’s like we’re our…” Ari looked over at where everyone else was talking, then back at us and scrunched up her nose and said, “parents. We’re consumed by the fear of sickness because my god, if our kids got sick then that’s it for our perfectly planned days. Germs and running snot noses for a week. We plan a fourth of July get together….with our parents….instead of going to some country bar and taking a few spins around the dance floor and getting drunk. It’s like we’ve grown up and became…” She turned and looked over at the older group of friends all talking and laughing with each other.
She slowly smiled and said, “Them. We’ve become our parents.”
“Ari? Why do you say you are mom and dad?” Matt asked.
Ari laughed and said, “It’s just that we act like them cause we're all older now and have kids.”
Matt nodded his head. “Will I ever have kids, Ari?”
I saw the sadness instantly fill Ari’s eyes as her smile faded for just one brief second.
“Would you like to have kids someday, Matt?” Ari asked.
Matt looked around at each of us. Really taking in the sight of everyone before he looked back at Ari and said, “Hell no. I want to be a motherfucking cowboy.”
Jeff jumped up and down and did a fist pump as he walked up to Matt.
“Yes! Buddy you said it right this time! Motherfucker!”

Cherished 2013 Kelly Elliott