Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt for $75 Amazon gift card

Okay y'all the scavenger hunt is on for the $75 Amazon gift card. It is pretty simple. You have to pick five (5) items off the list below. You then have to take a picture of that item WITH a sign that says "I read this in Wanted". Then post the pictures on my author page on Facebook or my regular Facebook page by 8pm on Friday December 14th. I will then draw a name and announce the winner on the blog, twitter and Facebook!

The scavenger hunt is on for the $75 Amazon gift card! have to make a sign that says "I read this in Wanted" BE sure the sign is in your photos. You have to take the internet pictures!

I will draw a name from those who post all five pictures on

Friday night.

**If you live in Austin and post a picture of one of the places I name in the book and are the first person to post it I will send you a $15 Amazon gift card.

1. A cow ( has to be a real cow)
2. Anything Car's (The Movie ) related
3. Daisies
4.Truck Yeah on your iPod
5. A cowboy (yes he must be real!!)
6. A horse (Again...real)
7. A chocolate lab dog
8. Sweet tea
9. Stargazer Lily
10.Jeep or a Ford truck

Good luck y'all and have fun!! <3