Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Faithful Teaser!!!

Only for y'all....

Just remember it has not been edited and is...as always....subject to change before publishing!
Meet Scott and Jessie ♥

She looked up at me and that’s when I saw the tear fall.

Oh. My. God. My whole world just stopped with that one tear. I walked up to her and fell to the ground.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Are you regretting what we did because I have to tell you Jessie that was the most amazing moment of my life.”

She looked at me and smiled as she shook her head. “Oh god no I don’t regret that at all! It was just as amazing for me…it was…it was.”

“It was what?”

“Everything I ever dreamed it would be.”

She’s thought about being together with me also. My heart started to beat so loud I swear it was echoing in the bathroom.

“Then honey, why are you crying?”

She looked back down and I used my finger to lift her head and make her look at me again.

“I’ve just never felt this way before and I’m…scared.”

My heart dropped in my stomach and all I wanted to do was take her in my arms and love her again.

“Jessie.” I whispered as I leaned up and kissed her lips softly. I pulled back and wiped her tears away with my thumbs.

“I feel the same way.”

She snapped her head up at me and her eyes grew bigger.

“You’re scared? Why?”

I let out a small laugh and shook my head.

“Jessie, I’ve never in my life experienced these feelings that I have for you. I’ve never had someone walk into a room and just the sight of her takes my breath away. Just the touch of her hand on my body makes my skin feel on fire. The sound of her laugh moves through my body like a warm blanket. Her smile…my god… her smile can bring to me knees in a second.”

I watched as a tear rolled down her face as she smiled.

I’d do anything for her.

“No one has ever said anything like that to me before.”

My smile faded for a quick second before I smiled at her again. I cupped my hands on her face and brought her in for a kiss. I kissed her so softly and tenderly, I wanted to make her feel how much I cared about her.

I stood up with her, never stopping the kiss. I slowly pulled away and reached into the shower and turned it on. She looked over at the shower and smiled.

Why did I get the feeling she was much more inexperienced than I thought.

I pulled my t-shirt over her head and looked at her beautiful body. I could tell it was making her nervous.

“You’re perfect Jessica. Beyond beautiful.” She closed her eyes as I leaned down and kissed her neck. I quickly took the boxers I was wearing off and walked her into the shower.

“Have you ever made love in a shower before Jess?”

She bit on her lower lip.

I slowly started to kiss her again. I was not going to fuck this up again.

As much as I wanted to pick her up and start making love to her, I was bound and determined to make her feel special.

To make her feel cherished.

Faithful Copyright 2013 Kelly Elliott