Sunday, May 26, 2013

Contest winner!!!!

Valerie Collins is the winner of the contest!!!! YAY!! Valerie send me an email at

Now to correct the wrongs!!!

A. I won't swim in anything unless I can see through it - TRUE! I love the ocean but unless my ass can see in it...I'm sitting on the beach.

B. My favorite animal is a cow FALSE I love Moose....all things Moose! <3

C. I live in downtown Austin Texas FALSE I live out in the country in the middle of nowhere in the Texas Hill Country

D. I only own one pair of cowboy boots TRUE! I love my boots and wear them until they wear out...although I think I'm going to buy a new pair for Vegas!

E. I have two dogs and two cats TRUE! Gus is my chocolate lab. Rose is my Golden Retriever, Pumpkin is my boy cat and Fergie is my girl kitty

F.  I hate the rain FALSE I love the rain!!!!

Thanks y'all for playing!!!!