Saturday, May 25, 2013

Contest Time!!!

Okay y'all...want a chance to win an eBook version of Wanted and Saved?

Let's see how well you know me! Post your answers below in the comment section!

I'm going to list six things below. Only three are true about me. Each person who picks the correct answers will be put in a drawing to win an eBook of Wanted and Saved...if you already have them you can pick to other eBooks.

I will pick the winner at 10:00PM Central time and post it here on my blog!!!

Good luck!

Ready? Let's go----------------->

A. I won't swim in anything unless I can see through it

B. My favorite animal is a cow

C. I live in downtown Austin Texas

D. I only own one pair of cowboy boots

E. I have two dogs and two cats

F.  I hate the rain