Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Please read regarding future signings and paperbacks

 I'm finding that I'm having to ship a large number of books back home after my last few signings and it just isn't feasible for me to be paying shipping twice on books.

Starting with my next signing in Denton, Texas, I will no longer be bringing books with me to signings. I will however have swag and book plates with me to sign and am more than happy to sign what ever books or scrapbooks, etc that you bring with you. If you want books, you will have to order them through Amazon or Barnes & Noble and bring them with you. I will also be selling signed paperbacks off of my website starting in July.

It took a lot of thinking on my part to come to this decision and it wasn't an easy one. With more and more people bringing scrapbooks to signings and not buying paperbacks I was finding myself shipping back a large number of books.

Looking forward to Denton, OKC, New York, and Hollywood! Still have lots of signings planned for the rest of this year and I can't wait to see y'all!