Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Want a teaser Wednesday! I forgot to do a teaser yesterday! HA!

Here ya go y'all.....same drill as always. This hasn't been edited and is subject to change before publishing.

Jessie's POV

Trey’s smile faded for a brief moment as he took a step closer to me. I instantly felt the heat between us as he reached his hand up and placed it on the side of my face. It was nothing like when Scott would do it. When Scott touched me my whole body would shiver.
“Jessie…you’re so beautiful.” I closed my eyes and saw Scott. I snapped them open and before I knew it I was walking into Trey’s arms as he gently began kissing me.
He let out a small moan, which caused me to open my mouth to him. Our tongues began explorer each other as he pulled me closer to him. He pulled slightly away from my lips and I whispered, “Trey…help me forget. Please help me forget him”

Cherished 2013Kelly Elliott