Friday, August 2, 2013

How about a couple Faithful teasers for y'all!

With the release of Faithful on August 20th so close by and the fact that I just hit 13,000 likes on Facebook I'm going to release two teasers. Please remember these have not been edited and are subject to change before publishing. 

Your first teaser - Jeff's POV

As soon as we pulled up and parked Ari jumped out of the truck and ran over to Ellie. I knew she'd been dying to talk to her. Gunner smiled and gave me another wink. 

Bastard. Thinks he all romantic and shit. I can be just as romantic as his ass.

“Keep on smiling dude. I’ve got my game on tonight.” I said as I slapped his back.

Gunner started laughing, “Yeah okay…if you think you got what it takes to out romance me. Bring it.”

“Oh I will. I am! You wait and see.”

After about four beers I was feeling pretty good. Ari was having fun and Ellie was so damn happy my heart was over flowing. That’s when I saw the bastard go talk to the DJ.

What in the hell was his romantic ass up to?

“Ah hell…what’s he doing Josh?”

Josh looked over toward Gunner and shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t know.”

He started to walk back over towards us but he was looking right at Ellie.

“Holy hell, Ellie…that boy is looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes.” Amanda said.

Gunner walked up and reached for Ellie’s hand.

“Dance with me?”

Ellie smiled and stood up as he kissed the back of her hand.

As they were walking out to the dance floor he turned around and winked at me. Bastard.

I watched as they danced and Ellie buried her face into his chest. I had to hand it to him. He made my sister happy. I smiled just a bit at the thought of my best friend and sister being so in love with each other.

“He loves her so much.” Ari said from behind me as she put her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

“I know he does.”

“He’s so sweet with the way he is always sweeping her off her feet.”

Wait. What?

She moved around me and sat down next to me and started talking to Amanda and Heather.

“Did Ellie tell you how he packed everything up the other day and took her and Alex to the river for a picnic?” Heather said as the other two went on and on with Gunner praise.

I looked over at Josh who just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. I looked over towards Brad.

“Don’t even try dude. He’s got us all beat.”

Fuck this shit.

I stood up and walked over to the DJ. I can be just as romantic as Gunner.

Faithful 2013 Kelly Elliott



I started walking toward Victoria and saw Gunner jump up and walk up to me. He took me by the arm and leaned down toward my ear.

“Heather…why don’t you let me take care of her.”

We kept walking towards her and I looked at Gunner. “I’m tired of these crazy ass, no good for nothing stupid bitches. I’m going to finish this.”

Gunner let go of my arm but kept walking with me. As I walked up to Victoria the smile that spread across her face made me sick to my stomach. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her right back out the door and down the hallway.

“Let go of me right now!” Victoria said.

I stopped and pushed her against the wall.

“Listen here you crazy ass nutcase........"

Faithful Copyright 2013 Kelly Elliott