Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scavenger Hunt time!

Okay y' can find all the information about the Scavenger Hunt contest on the "contest" page of my blog. I'm posting the list here on my main page also so that you can come back to the blog at any time to check the list. MUST take a picture of EVERYTHING that is listed on the list and you MUST write a jingle or poem about Wanted, me or Gary Taylor. It doesn't have to be long just something short, sweet and clean....please keep it clean! ;-)

I will announce the winner tonight (Saturday March 23) here on the blog and on Facebook!

Good luck y'all and have fun! OH! Be sure and like the pages you go to if you have not yet already!


Scavenger Hunt List

·         Gary Taylor Fitness Page – Find the post about Gary selling his calendars (hint…it’s at the top!)

·         Naughty and Nice Book Blog – Find the picture of Gunner’s gift to Ellie for her graduation (hint…my favorite flowers is a Daisy)

·         Elizabeth James Author – Find the picture of Callie and Justin’s wedding with song.

·         Army Wife’s Reviews – Find the butterfly on her page!

·         Author Lynda LeeAnne – Find the post that is Adam’s teaser!

·         Author Jeanene' Mainville – Find her St. Patrick’s day post

·         Author  Stacy Borel – Find the post that asks “What is Finn and Emily fighting about?” Answer it after you read the teaser and take a picture of the post!

·         My Pathway To Books Blog – Find the post about Wanted and Saved…at the bottom will be a link that takes you to the Wanted Pinterest page. Take a picture of the Pinterest page!

·         Flirty and Dirty Book Blog – Find the video about Gunner.

·         Reviews By Tammy And Kim – Find the teaser Titled Promo Wanted/Saved

·         Three Chicks And Their Books – Find the picture with the quote from Jeff. (Hint I love the girl’s cowboy boots!)

·         Author Shawnte Borris – Find the picture that says “You sink it…They drink it”

·         Author Lisa M. Harley – Find the picture with the quote from Destined To Change…the post will be titled “Scavenger hunt”

·         Author L.B. – Find the Running in Place Teaser from Feb. 1

·         Amanda Brown – Find the Heart made out of Matches surrounding the word eternal.