Friday, December 12, 2014

BROKEN PROMISES teaser/iBook pre order link!

Coming December 15, 2014 on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.
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Liza's (Taylor) POV
My father held the truck door open for me as I climbed into the
cab. When I glanced out the window, I saw Walker walking to the
rental truck. I leaned my head on the seatback and sighed. Daddy got
in and shut the door, started the truck, and pulled out. The entire rideback to the ranch was in dead silence. I could feel his questions
When he pulled up and put the truck in park, he dragged in a
deep breath. “Liza? I just need to know something.”
My lower lip twitched as I tried to hold back tears. I stared
straight ahead, watching the lights of Walkers truck as it came down
the drive.
“Are you in love with Walker?”
My jaw trembled. “Yes.”
“Are you in love with, Keith?”
The tears could no longer be held at bay. I let them fall freely as
I turned to my father.
Copyright 2014 Kelly Elliott