Thursday, October 30, 2014

Teaser time!

*****TEASER TIME******


iBooks exclusive early release - 11/11/2014
Amazon, B&N, and Kobo release - 11/25/2014

Maddie's POV - 

“Maddie? Hello? Earth to Maddison!” Monica waved a hand in front of my face.
“It’s Cale,” I said. “Cale’s here.”
Monica turned her gaze to where I was anchored. “What? No freaking way!”
When Monica gasped and jumped up, I wanted to follow. I wanted to run into his arms, but something was holding me back. And something was holding him back, too.
“Oh perfect! He’s with his little friend. And by little I mean the guy with the little—”
“Monica!” I gasped, teeth clenched. I stood up and grabbed her arm as she laughed. I turned back and noticed Jack sitting with Cale.
Jack looked stunned. Almost panicky.
Cale stood, smiling wider. I couldn’t hear anything other than
my heart pounding.
Cale was about to head our way when I saw a blonde walk up to
him. His smile vanished as his gaze drifted toward her. Instantly, the warmth disappeared from his eyes.

Copyright 2014 Kelly Elliott The Journey Home