Saturday, March 29, 2014

Broken Dreams teaser

Courtney's POV
I looked at my phone to see that it was my brother, Tyler, calling.
“Hey, Ty. What’s up?” I said, trying to sound chipper.
“Hey, baby sister. How is Texas treating you?” he asked, practically shouting.
I put my finger up to my other ear, so I could hear him better. “Tyler, I can barely hear you. Where are you?”
He laughed and said, “Hold on. Let me go outside.”
“Okay, hurry though. I’m trying to cook dinner.” I put the taco shells in the oven, and then I walked over to the refrigerator and took out the salsa.
“Are you sitting down, Court? I’ve got some huge news for you.”
“I’m not sitting down, but I’m sure I can take whatever you’ve got for me while I’m standing.”
He started laughing. “Okay, here I go…I’m getting married.”
I stopped in my tracks. “No way! Tyler, that is wonderful news, sweetheart! I’m so happy for you.”
He laughed again, but this time, it was harder. “That’s not the only news I have for you. I’m in San Antonio for a meeting, and I want my baby sister to come see me! I looked it up, and you’re only a few hours away.”
I started jumping up and down. “No way! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to Texas?”
“I wanted to surprise you. Hey, guess who came with me?”
I reached up for a bowl to pour the salsa into as I smiled. I was hoping it was our parents. “Who?”
“Noah. He can’t wait to see you.”
My smile instantly faded as the salsa bottle slipped from my hand and hit the floor. I couldn’t move. No. Please, God, no.
“Courtney? Are you still there? Court, what was that noise? It sounds like something just broke. Court?”
“Um…yeah, I’m still here. Sorry, I thought you said Noah was with you.”
“Yeah, I did. Once he found out I was coming to Texas and I might be able to sneak in a visit with you, he asked if he could tag along. Ya know, Court, you broke his heart when you decided not to go to the prom with him. He really liked you, I think.”
I’m going to be sick.
“So, when do you think you can come see me, sis? We just flew in, and I’ll only be here for three days. We’re heading up to Austin, so Meg can go to some wedding dress shops there. She’s been in a pissy mood this whole trip.”
I tried to talk, but my voice cracked. I cleared my throat and asked, “Meg is with you?”
“Yeah. So, when do you think you can come down this way?”
“I, um…well, I don’t know ’cause I think I’m getting…I think I’m getting the flu. Maybe I shouldn’t go out. I’d hate to get y’all sick.”
Tyler let out a chuckle. “The flu, Court? Really? Do you just not like Meg?”
What? “What? No. Of course I do. I adore Meg. Listen, Tyler…I actually feel like I’m about to get sick. I’m sorry I can’t meet up with you, but can I call you back later?”
“Sure. You don’t sound so good, sis. Go take care of yourself, sweetie. Just call me later, and let me know how you’re feeling, okay?”
I nodded my head and fought like hell to hold in the tears. “Okay.” I quickly hit End and broke down crying.
Reed came walking into the kitchen as he said, “Hey, Court, I had a great idea—” He took one look at me and then down at the mess on the floor. “What happened? Are you hurt?” He ran over and picked me up before carrying me away from the broken glass and spilled salsa.
“The dogs! Oh, Reed, don’t let them eat it. There’s broken glass everywhere.”
“Lulu, Midnight, kennels!” he yelled.
Both dogs ran out of the kitchen and to their kennels.
For a few brief moments, I felt so peaceful in Reed’s arms before he put me down in the living room.
When he returned from locking up the dogs, he asked, “Angel, what happened? Why are you crying? Did you get cut or something?”
Noah is in Texas. He wants to see me. Why does he want to see me?